Giving Up All My Yesterdays For All My Tomorrows (vocodedreality) wrote in euphorik,
Giving Up All My Yesterdays For All My Tomorrows

Hi I'm new, hope this is on topic.

Play music, play music, play f*cking music! I can almost hear it. Insense, yet blank stares, hands in pockets. Heads hug just a bit lower than usual is desperate, desperate anticipation of something revolutionary and exciting. The smell of sweaty armpits, deoderant, beer and fresh vomit corrodes the lungs and assaults the nose. CRASH! Music, noise, motion, a sight. Bodies whirling is a style eeriely like a chuchgoer possesed by the "holy ghost". Still blank stares from most, motion from some. Am I a tunnel to let such energy and feeling pass through my system with not so much as a smile? Am I in defense, shielding myself, shutting off this savage energy from my tender soul, or maybe I'm just bored. The blank stares and even blanker stares of those dancing betray a truth in the room. Just below the concious level of the occupants, hiding in a dark corner from an overwhelmed mind. It's just entertainment folks. No revolution here, no shattering political commentary, no personal experience here, just entertainment. What in it's surface is a violent reaction to social norms is nothing but part the of spectacle! One band to many audience. One way f*cking communication, no better than television or classical radio station. Distraction and complacency for all, young and old, those that fit and and those that, well pretend they don't. This isn't change, this isn't a group, this is part of the ever churning ever self gratifying machine. Were still gears folks, they just paint us a different color, maybe we won't notice that way....
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