Too Fucked Up To Care Anymore (unwanteddesires) wrote in euphorik,
Too Fucked Up To Care Anymore

...At The Heart Of It All...

"Red Satin Morning" ...Sunset, Sunrise... Passing days seem so short now Mornings with you are so sweet Birds chirping in the misty air Singing songs of redemption and hope The rising sun graces our Window seal and warms the plants Sheets of red satin wrap Up our bodies in a protective manner Wind chimes ringing softly in the Cool morning breeze. You're enthralling To the touch and like heaven To smell Is this how it feels to be inside Of you? Peaceful and warm Everyday varying but loving you All the same. Loving you all the same Though the wind and the rain Through the sun and the night Never faltering Stirring, you awake Yawning so quietly So beautiful and sweet Completely vulnerable But completely trusting You open your eyes and smile Mornings first gaze Nothing is quite so perfect None one is quite so beautiful No one is quite so graceful As You.
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how did you do that?
Beautiful writing. I think it captured this feeling really well of wanting to purge oneself inside a lover. Or that was what I got from it....

Loved it.